Or "Why I haven't put out a dang book yet... and why it ain't coming anytime soon."🙃
To the creatives out there—the doodlers, the dreamers, the idea-makers—understand: what makes you addicted to tech, also makes you creative. Here’s how…

January 2023

[New Reddit article] Everyone has a plan (just watch ONE YouTube video) until they get punched in the mouth (Getting sucked into the algorithm and…
Here's how to actually work hard, get lots done, and find your way to success—without burning out.
... followed by 3 years of motivation, productivity and happiness. Here’s how I finally made the switch. [NEW REDDIT POST]

December 2022

[NEW REDDIT POST] You're trying to use force and willpower to start a habit. It’s not working and it's not going to work. Here’s why and what’ll…
I struggled for so long with zero-motivation and lethargy. Everything changed once I discovered how motivation ACTUALLY works and is generated. Today…

November 2022

Inspiration is hitting the gas, Motivation is the fuel in the tank... Doesn't matter how hard you push if you're on empty. Here’s how to fill up to…
I just posted a draft of my eBook to r/getdisciplined. Link inside ✌️
I'm finalizing a draft of my upcoming book, and I'm looking for readers. Also details about the updated GAP program.

September 2022

It's a week into September, and you need to doing all you can to start this season on the right foot. My new article on Reddit will teach you how.

August 2022

It'll help you end your bad habits while starting up on new good ones. Registration ends today.